Tipps for Gay Refugees

Tipps for Gay Refugees

most of the refugees comming from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to Europe (especially to Germany) are men. Thus it is just normal that a certain percentage of them are gay. On top of this natural percentage, many men flee from these muslim countries just because of their gay sexuality.
Even there are probably about 10% gay men among the refugees, they do not talk about this topic with eachother. It is a shame but it is a fact.

They arrive here in Europe with none or hardly any gay experience and do not know how to start their gay live. They are sure all the other refugees are straight muslims. So the are looking for gay men outside their muslim community.

If you are refugee in the Cologne / Germany area, feel free and I introduce you personally to gay life 😉 Contact to Adam

If you live somewhere else in Germany, here are some usefull tipps:

Legal situation:
Being gay is totally legal in Germany. So you can tell it to everybody – even the police or the immigration or a doctor.
It is even legal for two gay men to marry eachother. It is a similar status as between men and women but not 100% the same. If anybody discriminates you because of your sexual orientation, you should complain about that.

Social situation:
Living an openly gay life is not the same all over Germany. In general you can display your sexual orientation rather freely in the big cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg. But even there you should differentiate between different quarters of the city. As long as you do not know the city well enough, be carefull. In all of these cities you can find gay quarters where you can be as gay as you like: kiss another man on the middle of the street and hold hands with your boyfriend. If you like that, just find these quarters.

Gay Scene:
Especially in the big German cities you will not have a problem to find gay bars, gay clubs or gay saunas etc. Feel free to explore these interesting places. Mostly you will not have any problem to find new friends. One thing you should know: Gay life and gay scene is not the same. There are many decent guys who do not go to these places and just hang around with their gay friends. If you prefer that, try other ways to find gay friends. In the big cities you can find them everywhere. Just go out on the street and look into people eyes. Train your gay-dar. This is legal! Just take care you do not cruise a straight guy to hard 😉

Gay Sex:
If you do not have much experience with gay sex, the big cities in Germany can be very exciting for you. You are exotic to German guys – so they will love to have sex with you – and there are many guys who are very open to casual sex. Thus you can easily find boys to have sex with. Feel free to enjoy that and make your own experiences. Though before you start this, you should learn what safer sex is!!! This is important for your future life in Germany. You do not want to start your life in Germany with a serious disease, do you? So find advice e.g. from a doctor. Be carefull not to believe everybody who explains you what safer sex is. Lately there are strange fairytales what safe sex is and what not. Make sure you find somebody with medical background to advise you.
After you have that knowledge, you can be sure to find partners for literally every sexual dream you have. Have fun!

I am sure there is much more to say.
If somebody wants to add something, feel free to email me to … Contact to Adam